In this course we answer the question: why is it so important for a growing company to get its team on board with the company’s mission and set of values? We address the potential returns on investment (ROI) of creating a shared vision, and the pitfalls of not addressing company culture when growing your business.

Your Course Objectives:
  • How to establish a company culture
  • How to get a growing team on-board with a set of values you've defined
  • How to integrate your values into everything you and your employees do

Cureate Course: Growing Your Company Culture

  Cureate Courses featuring Nikki Rappaport, CAVA & CALL YOUR MOTHER
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We're joined by industry expert Nikki Rappaport to discuss how to get your growing team on board with your company's mission and values. Nikki is the director of Brand, Markeitng and Growth at Call Your Mother, a beloved DC bagel shop and deli. Previously, Nikki led Brand, Experience, and Marketing at CAVA, where, as the first corporate employee, she was instrumental in building the local restaurant group in a national, multi-faceted brand.

We highlight tidbits of knowledge from our industry expert, along with Four Steps on how to achieve the Course objectives. Tune in to find out How-To Maintain & Retain Your Company Culture Through Shared Values.

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